Danger Wolf is a story about a hero in the twilight of his career. Set in the early 80’s in the desert city of San Lazaro, our story takes place in a once thriving gambling mecca suffering from crime and urban rot after gambling was outlawed nearly overnight.

Now, only a few months away from aging out of the Vigilante Task Force, Danger Wolf is faced with his retirement and the possibility of leaving the city in the hands of less experienced heroes.

With the city in the throws of what might be its most violent year yet, a janitor finally reaches his breaking point. Co-Opting the persona of the local youth outreach mascot “The Safety Bunny”, he sets out on a macabre solo mission to match brutality with brutality, forgoing the V.T.F. and the rules that come with it.

This comic will follow two men on the same path to take down a corrupt police force, a ruthless CEO and prostitution ring fronted by a sadistic villain. In their pursuit of justice they will face down many of the villains that lurk in our real world: kidnappers, serial killers, drug dealers, crooked cops, the rich elite, a robotic killing machine and a gang made up entirely of guys named Todd. If a gay Bruce Wayne had to work with Travis Bickle to take down Robocop’s Omnicorp Las Vegas headquarters, this would be Danger Wolf.